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In these days of globalisation it is vital that your communication with foreign business partners, customers etc. works absolutely smoothly.  You should not go for any compromise when it comes to the quality and value of the texts that you make available to your partners and vice versa.

What are the characteristics of a good translation?

Not only does a good translation convey the content of the source text into the target language. It also has the same effect on the reader as the original text. And so, apart from his or her love towards the working languages, a good translator also needs to possess a fine feeling for them so that even the smallest differences in meaning can be accurately transported.

I will be happy to translate your texts from English into German and/or German into English in the following specialty areas:

When you order a translation into German, it is important for me to know what country the translation is aimed at so that I can consider linguistic specialities of the target country, if need be.